• IAS Journal of Localities

    IAS Journal of Localities is an international journal published by the Yayasan Irwan Abdullah Cendekia. The journal dedicates a perfect-bound issue of localities to a contemporary problem or theme and includes descriptive, analytical, and critical writing on topics such as trans-locality, multiculturalism, hybridity, and in-betweenness, as well as theoretical papers on fundamental theories and methodologies of locality or trans-locality. The journal also accepts papers from interdisciplinary studies, with a focus on the variety of local responses to transnational and trans-local movements, as well as their potential to generate locality not only as a site of resistance against globalization, but also as a site of alternatives, such as alternative theories, alternative communities, and alternative spaces. IAS Journal of Localities has frequently incorporated design elements and conceptual details that are specific to the nature of the current theme (such as global trends and local concerns), resulting in distinct issues that contribute to a collective vision and exploration of a theme and make each issue a self-contained and enduring reference.

  • Nawaitu: Journal of Social Science Education

    Nawaitu: The Journal of Social Science Education seeks to provide a platform for scholars, researchers, and professionals in the field of social science education to distribute their scholarly work, exchange creative ideas and practices, and contribute to the progress of knowledge in the discipline. The primary objective of Nawaitu Journal is to advance the dissemination of exceptional research and scholarship in the realm of social science education. This is achieved through the publication of meticulous empirical studies, theoretical frameworks, critical literature reviews, and methodological advancements. Our publication aims to promote intellectual discourse, analytical reasoning, and empirically-supported methodologies to improve social science education across various levels, including training for future teachers, ongoing professional development, and curriculum design. Our objective is to facilitate the exchange of research and practical knowledge among scholars and professionals, with the aim of advancing the comprehension and implementation of social science education across different settings. Ultimately, our goal is to contribute to the enhancement of teaching and learning results in the field of social sciences. The journal embodies a refined and complex identity marked by its emphasis on theory and research, its interdisciplinary nature, its global perspective, and its commitment to originality. Additionally, the journal maintains a rigorous process of anonymous peer review. This journal is published 2 times a year. 

  • Elegentia: IAS Journal of Arts, Media, and Technology

    ELEGENTIA: IAS Journal of Arts, Media, Technology is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal  published by the Irwan Abdullah Cendekia Foundation, a space for theoretical and practical conversations about the world of art that develops dynamically in a changing space and time. Two major contexts accommodated in this journal are the shift from local to global and the process of technological disruption, both of which not only provide space for artistic expression but also structure the creative process and artistic value. This journal invites ideas and research results on art in the development of a dynamic global and technological space, apart from art science as well as from various disciplines such as history, philosophy, anthropology, sociology, politics, economics, and administration. These disciplines can be an approach that sharpens the analysis of the art world. At the same time, the journal also emphasises the development of the art world itself as a force for solving national and human problems. Art is believed in this journal not only to balance human life but also to provide solutions to increasingly complex life problems.

  • Digion: IAS Journal of Religious Studies

    Digital Religion: IAS Journal of Religious Studies is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal that takes innovative, open-minded, disciplined, and multidisciplinary perspectives. The journal publishes theoretical debate and empirical findings on the breadth of subject domains that encompass digitalization in religion and religious life. Evolutive and revolutionary changes faced by society become an objective reality that structures religious life, which requires the openness of the academic world to understand and formulate anticipatory actions. Religion in Digital Religion is understood in a dynamic and contextual context with technological developments that allow the collaboration of various disciplines, such as computer science, sociology, anthropology, and religious studies. It takes an open perspective to understand how social media and digital platforms affect religious communication, the dissemination of religious teachings, interfaith interactions, as well as ethical and legal challenges in the use of digital technologies that are relevant to developing the necessary guidelines and regulations. The article is expected to provide an in-depth understanding of the impact and implications of digital religion in the religious context of a society and enable the development of comprehensive frameworks and approaches for the benefit of the people.